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About Wheel Gears

Publish Date 2012-05-16

Wheel gears spreading to move is a the most wide kind of the application spreads to move a form in the modern machine. Its main advantages are:

1.Spreads to move to settle, work than in a moment steady, spread to move accurate credibility, can deliver space arbitrarily sport and the motive of the two stalks, power and speed scope.

2.Applies are wide.

3.Spreads to move an efficiency high,=0.92 0.98.

4.work is dependable, service life long.

5.Outline size outside the is small, structure tightly packed.

The direcion which decelerates a machine to is the facing big power and spread to move ration, small physical volume, high machine efficiency and service life to grow greatly nowadays develops.

Decelerating the connecting of machine and electric motor body structure is also the form which expands strongly and have already produced various structure forms and various products of power model number.

Be close to ten several in the last years, control a technical development because of the modern calculator technique and the number, make the machine process accuracy, process an efficiency to raise consumedly, pushed a machine to spread the diversification of movable property article thus, the mold piece of the whole machine kit turns, standardizing, and shape design the art turn, making product more fine, the beauty turns.

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